Products & Services

We have developed a range of products and services Tailored to the Travel Industry.


Our fundamental goal: increased booking and reduced admin.

Build your next travel website with TravelZen

A full Travel eCommerce Component for the Joomla CMS

Built for Joomla

TravelZen understands travel products, locations, holidays, itineraries, images and more.

Joomla handles the standard CMS functions.

Sites can be delivered by us, or any agency with Joomla / PHP knowledge.

Integrates with your system

Using Joomla's Plugin Architecture we can adapt the functionality and integrate with Third Party systems with ease.

We've integrated with numerous Res Systems, Product Databases, Online Booking Systems, Image Management Systems and more.

Save Time

Save time when building your website because we've already Catered for most Travel Companies - fully tested and ready to go.

Save time on Product Management with intuitive management of Tour, Accommodation and Location data.

Travel Companies - Talk to us about your website...

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Make image management simple and quick with our cutting edge cloud based image management and distrubution system.

Auto Tagging

All images are passed through an intelligent image recognition system which tags your images for you. Save loads of time and always find the images you want.


Full API, and simple integration to bring the full power of AssetZen into your internal systems.

Auto Cropping

Crops images for you in the template based on focal points to ensure the subject of your shot is not 'beheaded'. A huge timesaver for product managers.

No risk Trial

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Web Design

Full design service - TravelZen specialists. Branding also available.

Speed Optimization

Is your site slow? We can help in many ways. CDNs and Caching services.

Web Development

Full Web Development Service, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Ruby & More.

Bespoke Development

Back Office Systems, Booking Systems, Integrations.

Online Booking

Integration with your Back Office, or Stand Alone Booking Systems

SEO Services

SEO for Travel - Site Reviews, Speed Reviews, Link Building, Landing Pages and Content Marketing.

Online Marketing

Genuine experience in online marketing, Analytics setup and advice.

PPC Management

PPC for Travel - Let experienced Travel Professionals manage your Paid Search Campaigns. 

So What’s Next?

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