What should a Tour Operator website look like?

Whether you are a direct sell tour operator or sell mostly though agencies, your website is an essential tool in your marketing mix. It's also likely to be a significant tool for your product team who are the ones who are responsible for the product content that is published online.

CMSs are great at building pages, but they aren't great at managing product and because they need specialist skills to edit the pages, it becomes a chore, data becomes out of date and the customer ends up frustrated.

Our approach is different. 

Because we've worked in Product Teams, and we've been responsible for managing large product laden websites, we know the difference that a well architected system can mean.

By choosing Mr Zen to develop your new website, you will have access to 20 years of experience as well as the tools we've pre prepared for the purpose of delivering your website.

It's essential that you choose a development partner who understands travel and can call on their experience to help you invest your hard earned money wisely.

Key requirement for a tour operator website

Easy to manage

Because of the quantity of product that you are likely to have on your website, it's vital that the product is easy to manage.

We've developed Travel Zen as a solution for Specialist Tour Operators who need to be able to manage large amounts of product, and the potential to integrate with their existing systems if appropriate. 


You thrive on your differences and you need your website to reflect that. Whether you are a Trekking Specialist, or a City Break operator, it's the differences that generate the enquiries.

We've built our platform to be simple to operate from the inside, but flexible enough on the outside to allow us to create very individual and specialist websites which cover a huge variety of products and markets.

Future Proof

The initial web project is just the start of the process, with good analytics and continual development, the website will no doubt change over the years as new product is added and new requirements are discovered.

Our systems and methodologies allow for this and our customers enjoy continued development and changes long after the website has been launched.

Guide pricing and options

Every website is different, and the cost will depend on your specific requirements, the design and your budget, however here is a guide to 3 common types of project, their features and an approximate cost.

Simple product led website with search

  • Customised from an existing template
  • Editable by you and your team
  • Travel Zen**
  • Distribute your product content to 3rd parties (XML Feeds)
  • Asset Zen integration***
  • Enquiry form
  • Page Builder*
  • Simple enquiry form
  • News / Blog
  • Facebook widget
  • Landing pages
  • Contact us / Location page
from £15,000

Advanced website with custom design

  • Full design process, custom template
  • Editable by you and your team
  • Travel Zen**
  • Asset Zen integration***
  • Advanced enquiry, or booking forms
  • Integration with third party systems
  • Custom development
  • Page Builder*
  • Simple enquiry form
  • News / Blog
  • Facebook widget
  • Landing pages
  • Contact us / Location page
from £30,000

The works (what we can do)

  • Full design process, custom templates
  • Editable by you and your team
  • Travel Zen Customisations**
  • Asset Zen integrations website and into other systems***
  • Integration with third party product systems for product import
  • Integration with Res Systems for Dates, Prices & Availability
  • Integrated Full Online Booking and Payment Gateways
  • Integrations with CRM systems
  • Single Sign Ons
  • My Account Areas
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Mobile Apps
from £TBC

*Page Builder - a tool for building responsive pages without the need for HTML knowledge (this page is built using page builder!)

**Travel Zen - Mr Zen's product management component which enables customers to manage tours, itineraries, accommodation, dates, prices and availability (if required).

***Asset Zen - Mr Zen's image management tool which provides an image library for your business and helps you use those images online. 


How long does it take to build a website?

This depends on a few factors - there are certain aspects of the development that we can estimate easily because it's stuff we do day in, day out, there are other aspects that are much harder to estimate because the either involve third parties or custom code that hasn't necessarily been fully specified at the point of making the initial estimate.

Design - The design phase is hard to estimate because it involves a lot of input from the client and / or third parties and will also depend on the number of templates required for the site - we've been through design phases that have lasted 4 weeks to 6 months!

Build - The build phase is easier for us to estimates - usually 2 - 3 months for a relatively simple website up to 6 months for something larger and more complex.

Custom Code - This is usually only required with larger websites and again it's difficult to put timescales on it because there are usually many factors and parties involved and would be something we would discuss on a seperate basis.

Tip - Generally it's not a good idea to set an arbitrary deadline for a web project if you can avoid it - state clearly the commercial benefits for hitting a certain date, and we will take that into account. It's important not to short cut the development of your website which will last for many years for the sake of a few days or weeks at the beginning.

So What’s Next?

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